Tinkering the Ivories.

When I was a boy,it was a source of great joy to go with my sister to a local cafe in my Cornish village.

There,in the corner was a juke box.My sister loved to dance to the 45s.Although I was very young-probably 5 or 6,I remember those days in my life vividly.

Those 7inch. records were my first introduction to a world of sound that has captivated me ever since.

My sister loved the voice of Dusty Springfied.You could say that she was a fan of hers.In fact,many commented on her appearance as being like her.

It was on one Particular day that I remember my sister excitedly put on a 45 by a man called Russ Conway.The Piano music that I heard that day affected me to such an extent that I have been drawn to the ivories ever since.

These days,Piano aren’t made using Ivories,and I,along with millions of others,deplore the use of this material,and it’s trade.However,back in the 1960s,we were living in different times,so all I knew was that my sister told me that Russ Conway was tinkering the Ivories.

These sounds occupied an enormous part of my life even though I didn’t have a Piano at the time.Whenever I heard the Piano being played at school I was transfixed.It was like a magnet to me.

Today 50 years,I still tinker the plastic keys on my Piano,but I still remember that Cafe in that little Cornish village.

My sister died a couple of years ago.I miss her so much.She gave so much to me,and introduced me to those “Ivories”.


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