“The Look of Love.”

Our white soul goddess that was Dusty Springfield sang this song that profoundly affected me as a child,and still does today.

You see,to me at least,Dusty Springfield represented a unique sound to me.Her voice had Soul,it had gravitas,and it had a connection with my working class background.This song,”The Look of Love”,epitomised an age,an era,a generation.

As I write this now,Dustys sound is there,her phrasing,her timbre,that emphasis that she place one the word LOOK,and the word EYES.

As a child,I didn’t understand the nuances of the song at all,I was just captivated with the sound,and with the way my sister sand along to it in the cafe of my Cornish town.

My sister Shiela,idolised Dusty,she dressed like her,she wore her hair like her,she dressed like her.In fact,she was Dusty until she opened her mouth!Then,she was Shiela,my precious sister with a strong Cornish accent that she kept until the day she died.

As I grew up to become a man,I never tired of hearing Dusty.The voice,her stamp on a song was unique.She was termed “The white Soul Queen”.

Dusty,like my sister,has passed away in death.To me,Dusty belonged to us in a special way.Although she went to America for a while,I genuinely believe that she was her happiest in Britain.

Stuff was said about Dusty and her associations with less desirable people that I couldn’t care less about.You see,to me,Dusty,like was sister Shiela,was class.She had gravitas.Talented to the core,authentic,the real deal.

Dusty had that “Look of Love”, Thank you for all the wonderful memories from the bottom of my heart.


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