The Day I got Lucky.

the year 1977,I was aged 20,I needed a job,and needed one fast.As the unemployment rate in Cornwall was way higher than the national average,it was proving tough to get anything. 

Previous to the day I got lucky,I had worked in a Slate quarry,which was tough,tough,tough,then following that I had a stint in a gift shop in Tintagel.

Following an argument with my brother over crap really,I was thrown out of his house at Delebole.

So,moving back to my mothers house wasn’t really something I wanted to make a permanent arrangement.My home life with my step father wasn’t at all peachy.

I had tried to get a job in London at Browns Hotel,but hadn’t been successful.So back in Cornwall I was unemployed.It took a while for my dole money to come through.Pressures were brought to bear on me to get a job,any job,doing anything.

On one particular trip to the job centre I was a magnet to a position as an assistant in an independent Record shop in St Austell.Havng applied for this job,I was called to an interview.

My background was one of being a musician.By then,I was a classical Pianist,and organist,and I had reached grade 8 in Horn playing.With all of that,I wasn’t too sure of myself,I was an extremely introverted person.

At the interview,there were so many people there that I thought that they would give the post to someone that was ebullient.

So after what seemed an age,I got the letter through in the post to say that they would like to offer me the position,and that,as they say,was the day I got lucky.

You see,although I was a reasonably good musician,my knowledge of the broader world of music was extremely sketchy.

Saffron records was,at that time,probably the largest independent record retailer in Cornwall.People came from all around to purchase their sounds,as Saffron were known to have an extensive range of music.

It was a steep learning curve for me but I applied myself to getting to know the bands that dominated the scene back then in the 70s.For me,it was a dream job.Listenning to music all day,everyday,and talking with the customers about their bands and trying to introduce to them new bands from across the spectrum at that time.

Honestly,if I hadn’t had spent those years at Saffron,my knowledge and appreciation would have been very narrow,and probably towards the classical genre.

Although I left Saffron to pursue a career in teaching,I never forgot what I learnt,and I never took for granted what I could learn from other people who shared their passion for music with me at that time.

 I have since learnt that over 100 applied for that job at Saffron,and I was truly lucky to get it.

Yes,indeed that was a lucky day for me when I got that job at Saffron.


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