“Of all the tunes”.

Of all the possible tunes that could be in my head,it had to be this one.

Well,I suppose it’s happened to others,and will happen again.Its not an incurable illness,after all.

However,it’s the nature of the tune,because I literally hate it,I always have.Dont get me wrong,I don’t consider myself a musical snob,but there are just thousands of other tune that I know-I should know,I have over 3000 CDs.

So,how did a guy called Father Abraham ingratiate himself to get a record deal in the first place,that s what I want to know?You know,if I could have been in that room when he was signed up by PYE records I would have personally hijacked the master tape and taken a strech in Prison just to save myself from that sonic horror show that are “The Smurfs”.

What have I done about these tunes to eradicate them?I have immersed myself in the Ring cycle,Messiean,Cage,and Stravinsky,but still those Smurfs don’t bloody well go away!!!!!

I’m stuck with Father Abraham.Will I ever escape this Guy who takes his name from a Hebrew Old Testament servant of God,he’s no servant of mine.

Oh well,it’ll have to be “Whistle with Stockhausen then.”


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