Stevie Ray Vaughan,greatest ever player?

SRV was to me at least,the greatest guitarist that I ever heard.That statement will be argued by many who are exponents of the instruments,and by people with greater insight than me.I am,as you know,a,piano player,so I don’t know how to make an instrument “cry and scream”,but I do know quite a bit about the rock Genre.

SRV tapped into an emotion that few musicians ever fully manage.The other day,when I was Listenning to a pupil murder a Bach prelude and Fugue,I found myself play through that great track “Crossfire”,it just rocks.Also Stevies cover of “Superstition”,I feel is just superb.

In a week when we have lost one of our favourite sons in death,it’s vital to pause at times and remember people like SRV.He was cut off in his prime,at the height of his powers.Stevie remains a credit to American music,and all that is good from the new world.

It might be fashionable to knock certain aspects of American life,but I want to celebrate the “New World”,especially their music.Without it,our music would be in a bad way.

Stevie was real,he played with heart,he had his sound,and I lived it with him.Do I miss him,you bet I do.Have I seen the likes of him recently,well hell,no I haven’t.

           “The house is a Rockin,don’t bother knocking”,is now blaring out through my speakers.


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