Amazing President.

Sometimes you need wisdom in life to navigate you way through the tough times,through the storms and hurricanes.

Well,this past week,there have been storms a plenty in America.That great super state has had its hurricane “race hate” through its heart,but ,you know,it’s tried so hard as a collective to remove the bullet,and mend the heart.

Tonight,although I’m a Britain,and a trained classical musician,I cried when I heard  O Bama sing Amazing Grace.He did it with sincerity,and truth.America,you have so much to be proud of.

Yes,there are always doubters and detracted in all walks of life.It made me think of a quote from our most famous prime minister Winston Churchill,he said,  “You got enemies,that’s good,it shows that you stood up for something in your life”.O Bama has his enemies,all leaders do,but he stood up for something tonight.He stood up for his friend,he stood up for decent folk.

Yep,he’s a clever guy,but you can have clever staffers to do that,you can only have one guy who will take the can,take the heat,and stand up when it’s tough.
As I said ,I’m from Britain,so I don’t know much about America,but what I do know is that your country is a good one,and I still look to it,because it stands for something.

It inspire me to teach American history ,and to be fair to it,not to be cynical,because that doesn’t solve anything.
                     I wish it well tonight,I really do.


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