“Saturday night’s alright for fighting”.

Two of my heroes from the musical world are Elton John,and Gerald Moore.

These Two people were born in the same area of North London,Watford.

They are both very talented Pianists  all be it expressing themselves through different genres.

Gerald Moore played Piano at the very highest level.For decades ,Gerald Moore worked as a Leider accompaniment player for the best singers in the World,and became recognised as a master of his art.

Elton John ( originally,Reg Dwight),studied classical piano at the Royal Academy of music,junior dept.Elton is a world renowned exponent of rock music.His songs have won numerous awards,and his world wide album sales are into their multi millions.

So,both men have touched literally millions of lives.Although their chosen musical fields could be said to be poles apart,they are both communicators of their art.They leave a legacy to all that have touched by them.

This post,along with Posts about James Horner this week,reflect my burning desire always to use music as a means to reach out to people of all stations in life.We are all touched by the musicians who give so much to us.


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