Playing for Money.

We all have to do something for a living.My method is playing and Teaxhing the Piano.

Having been doing this since I was 13,I know how to make a living at it.Yes,there have been times when I’ve lived from hand to mouth,but I can honestly say that I have been very lucky to do this type of work.

I’m playing the piano for a a Cornet exam in around 10 hours time.This is something that I have done on numerous occasions before.The little guy doing this is about 10.Its his first exam,and he’s doing his grade 3.Hes the youngest of 3 siblings who all do music,so I think that he feels that he should do it.It should be a good experience for him,as we have done quite a lot of prep for it recently.

I quite like accompaniment and the process of making music together is a pleasing thing to me.Am I privileged to do this.Absolutely.When I think of my family,I was the first ever of my cohort to get to a college of higher education,so that was a big thing in my family.

Looking back,most of my relatives were miners,or Fishermen,they worked hard and long,and it was dangerous work.

Yes,I work with my fingers,but it’s all very gentile I suppose.

Music,to me ,at least,gives me so much happiness,I realise that so many people spend their whole working life doing something that they truly hate,so I am very fortunate.

Much of my work is now in music Therapy,and in particular,with those young people on the Autistic spectrum.Although,this takes it out of me,it nonetheless,gives me so much satisfaction and joy.

There are many out there who share with the wider audience their pain,and suffering of that ,there is no doubt so much of.Personally,I choose to highlight the good in my life,as I have a low tolerance for self pity.My therapist says that those who have been abused in childhood can often be like this.Its just that I feel that it would be too easy to blame stuff on my abuse.

The fact that I can teach,write my blog,play the Piano,and try to be a good human,is enough for me.

        I welcome polemics from others,as I don’t have all the answers in life,and I want to reach out to others.

                      Thank you for those who take the time to read my blog posts.Its truly appreciated.


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