Wanted! Heroes for the Vulnerable.

Where did it all start?Why did it all start?Can it end?Will it end?
If the questions stop,then curiosity stops.You see,the ability to ask yourself the right questions about anything is a real help.Without a questioning attitude,we seize to understand,then we start to accept the mundane as our life,our lot,our entitlement.

Things can’t ever be right if we just glibly accept injustice,Poverty,neglect of children,and abuse of the vulnerable.

Sometimes we all get tired,we just haven’t any juice in our batteries,and seemingly no recharging facilities.So,we just passively accept the status quo,the deal of the cards,the rub.So we carry on in our passivity,until life moisture dries up and n us,and we ,as the great bard says,”Moves off this mortal coil”.No,no,no.It can’t be right to just take that form our Lords and masters.We are not in the slave era anymore.Its true that many of the Gangmasters of society would very much like that state to exist,but that isn’t my reality.

Whenever I see children in this country going without food,I sound the alarm,I shout it from the roof tops.Why?Because to do nothing,is to collude in this heinous crime against our fellow humans.To be seen to being accepting of this situation is to let abuse become the norm?that can’t ever be allowed in any context.

If time ever comes when we can honestly say that our country is truly rid of child poverty,then,yes,my Polemic against the ravages of Tory Austerity policies are done.But,and it remains so as I write this now,I apply with so,so many others,will continue to do everything in my power to write about the ravages of Poverty.

As a child,born into Poverty in the 1950s,I owe it to my betters who have “Shuffled off this Mortal coil” to be a beacon of Publicity .

Being hungry never ever helped me as a person.Constantly having that ache of hunger wasn’t a good thing.In my case,I feel that it affected my ability to learn properly at school.Because of that,I couldn’t really do what we now call the core subjects.I couldn’t read properly until I was 12.It wasn’t until last year that I finally passed my GCSE Maths.Although I’m not proud of it,that was my life.

Stealing food as a child was something I did to get by,it just was my norm.Yes,it wasn’t right,but it was what happened.Personally,I consider myself lucky that I was born with a musical gift that saved me from so many different maladies.Yes,I was lucky.

Nowadays,I am seeing young ones without the basics of life.So I ask why?Why is it that the vulnerable are picking up the tab?When 70 % of the government in the last parliament from 2010 to 2015,were millionaires,it sorts of tells you where there empathy might lie.

We need more understanding,not less.We need voices of conviction,and not just intellect.We need “Heroes for the Vulnerable”.

One such hero,at least to me is Charlotte Church.She is someone who has conviction,and passion,and is offering a coherent Polemic to Austerity in this country.She is using her celebrity status to good affect.

We need more “Heroes for the Vulnerable”.


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