“The Things we do for Love”

Eric Clapton was asked what were 10cc about.Maybe,because he is who he is,he could be forgiven for the caustic comment about their musical contribution to Rock.

Personally,I don’t have too many negative things to say about 10cc.When I first heard them,they did a number called Rubber Bullets.There mix of Rock and atmospheric ballads captured my attention.To me,their seminal hit was “I’m not in Love”.It still haunts me today when I hear this song,it’s has something that is timeless.There is something about us it,I would say that it will be still played in 20,30,or even 40 years from now.

As I write this post,their hit “The things we do for love”,is going through my mind now.Its just a great song .It has a really strong middle 8,and the verse is just a classic story.

Many,including me,were quite shocked when 2 bands members left 10cc to become Godly and Creme,I remember blowing what appeared to be an awful lot of money in their box set called Consequences.I still have it,probably along with many others.

So,I wonder if they are still doing the Wall Street shuffle?Well ,I hope that they are happy,because they have given so many a lot of pleasure.
Most of their stuff is still going around on U-Tube.Give them a go,there worth it.


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