“Priceless Classics should be countrywide”.

In September,at the Bridgewater hall,Manchester,our oldest orchestra,the Halle,will host a concert where you decide how much the concert is worth.

There will be orchestral pieces across many different genres.These concerts will be for ant person to attend who doesn’t ever attend a symphony venue,who might be rather confused about what goes on at a classical concert.

Personally,I think that this is a great idea,as it sees the orchestral reaching out to people who might shy away from a perceived idea as to what classical music is.

During the concert,they can go out for a drink if they wish,or pop to the Loo.

It just will depend on how successful it is,but for music teachers like me in the South,I feel that other orchestras and venues must seriously look at this event and learn from this initiative.

As a child growing up in poverty in the 1950s,my love for the orchestra was kindled by members of the Bournemouth Symphony visiting my comprehensive school in the 1970s

It’s refreshing when many are questioning the validity of our classical venues that we have positivity.

Let’s hope that it’s a great success for the Halle in the Bridgwater Hall in September.

       As Shakespeare said “If Music be the food of love,then play on”.


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