“Love our National Parks,and the Animals too”.

Having spent a week in the Exmoor National Park,I can vouch for its beauty,it’s breathtaking scenery,and it’s beautiful animals.

Nothing,however,saddened me more than the voluminous amounts of posters for the countryside alliance,for the almost obsessional defence of hunting of the hunting lobby.

I appreciate that we all have our view,and maybe I should have thought about having a holiday in their back yard so to speak,but I didn’t enjoy the references to their rights over the land,as if their values are the only ones in existence.

The rights of animals,IMHO,should have equal rights as have humans,and they shouldn’t be in servitude to us.

I go back to my high density population centre tomorrow with mixed feelings.Yes,wonderful wonderful countryside,vistas,and all,but not at the expense of our animals.

Yes,we are where we are,and maybe I should just write about what I know a bit about,music,and the teaching there of.However,sometimes you have to call things as you see them.


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