“It don’t mean a thing,if it ain’t got that Swing”.

What would you say to a person who asks why your Tapping your feet to music?

My temptation was to say “if you have to ask why,the. You will never appreciate music”.However,that does seem a tad superior.My some loves Maths,and is a Doctor of computer science,so I might ask why he constantly talks about Algorithms.You see,I don’t really get maths beyond the obvious stuff,I don’t get its beauty,or its applications.

Fats Waller once famously said;”It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing”.I kinda go with that as an anthem for so much of the music that I love.

To be honest,many of my classical music friends don’t feel music in the same way as I do.My tales of Busking in London as a student cos I couldn’t afford to eat go over their heads.

When I was a young organist,I got caught reworking “Rubicon,Bt Tangerine Dream by the vicar who thought that it wasn’t suitable,and that from a man who hailed Messien as his favourite composer.So,you see,music can mean different things to different people.

To be blunt,some of my tastes in music would be totally frowned upon by my staff cohort.

Trying to extoll Srummer and the clash to them has,at times,been a battle that I haven’t won.

Personally,to me at least,I feel that we should respect music of all genres,and not be snobs.

Yes,I feel that there should be a Punk/New wave Prom.Yes,I’m probably deluded in the eyes of Petroc and his co-presenters on Radio 3,but that’s me.

As regards music in our time,it’s now vital that we reach out to the creative vibe that many young people possess.Yes,a classically trained musician will always have their place in our world,but we have to take along those who might not feel that they can express their music in quite the same way.

Yes,it will take imagination and drive.It will also need the coming together of all musicians in a spirit of co-operation and good intent.

Are there musicians out there who count inspire.You bet there are.


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