Viva Chris Froome,our great cyclist.

Tomorrow,in Paris,Chris Froome should,barring an accident make history for a British cyclist,by becoming the first man to win this great event twice representing Britian.

Who of us have not been captivated by the rise of British cycling over the last decade.First,Sir Bradley Wiggins,then Chris Froome the first time,it is a fantasy world for British cycling at the moment.

The Manx Missile,Mark Cavendish is,on his day still the one of the best sprinters the sport has ever produced,so we should be rightly proud of our achievements as a nation in the sport.

My nephew,who has worked inFrance for over 10 years talks about the profile of the sport there as being through the roof.Any Town that has the Tour coming through its centre will be celebrating because of the prestige of the event.Its spectator draw is truly immense.Richard ‘s town in the South were chosen a few years ago,there were over 150,000 on the roads lining up to wave the Pelaton through,such is the respect the sport demands there.

To win the tour,you have to be the complete cyclist,you have to have a great team,you have to have no crashes,and you have to have luck too.Any one of these factors not being present,and you don’t win

Chris Froome has endured much taunting for spectators during the tour.To be spat at isn’t a good feeling,I should know,I teach teenagers,and they have,at times done this to me.

I,along with millions of others,will be glued to the TV tomorrow to cheer home a hero.We should pinch ourselves.If a Frenchman was going to win tomorrow,their country would have a national celebration,such is the Kudos of cycling there.

Let us salute our cyclists,they really deserve our support.


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