Tarn Howes,twenty years on .

Today,in the beautiful “Tarn Howes”,just beyond Lake Coniston in Cumbria I went on a pilgrimage.

It had been over 20 years since I last went there with my wife and 2 sons.We were all much younger then and less life hardened than we are now.

Although 20 years is a long time in anyone’s book,Tarn Howes looks remarkably the same to me.Yes,some cosmetic additions have been added by the national trust to make it more visitor friendly,but essentially,the Tarn remains the same.

Today we walked around it with our dogs and my wife’s camera equipment seemingly without a care in the world.Twenty odd years ago,we walked around with my son in a wheel chair on O2 constantly,so it seemed like a tough gig.My younger son helped pull the wheelchair around and we completed the circle around Tarn Howes.

Back then,I was constantly tired along with my wife.Now,with my son as an adult ,and with the benefit of carers,I am less stressed than I was.Now,my younger son is a professional opera singer making his living out of music.Back then,he was just a child.

Sometimes it might be foolish to revisit places you went to when your family were younger,as they are apt to be less appealing than you remembered.However,I can honestly say that I loved it ther at Tarn Howes today,and I was grateful for the Pilgrimage.

As we were completing the circuit of the Tarn I saw a family enjoying the stunning views of the Tarn was their vantage point.There was mum,dad,sister,and brother and dog.They looked tired and careworn.Their little girl was also in a chair,the little girl looked blue,and was on O2.My heart went out to that family,as I related to them.I related to the constant stress of having illness in the family,hospital visits,financial worries,the works.i shed a tear for that family today.Its funny how it can hit you in the pit of your guts.


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