the Truman show revisited today.

In my nightmare sound was gone,only garish images,blood and gore.Without the sonic references,I felt lost,empty,devoid of substance.

After a few minutes ,I wanted to shout out,but no sound came out.Spiders crawled over my hands and up my arms,I felt them,but I couldn’t utter a verbal rebuke.In fact,I couldn’t utter a sound.

In this Hammer house of horror,all sound had gone,just the images.My Hirosima,my nuclear destruction.

My nightmare was their reality,my temporary angst was their life and death fate.

Truman and Oppenheimer plotters of silence would not have known the true affect of their Silent Duet.

Will the world ever learn?At least it stopped in 1945.May it never return,never again.

Life is too precious to be snuffed out in War,and War doesn’t solve any problems,worse still,it tends to cause others.

Yes,that day in Hirosima was the worse ever Truman show.


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