It’s tough,tough,tough,in the big league.

After the excitement of gaining promotion into the premier league,the capacity crowd at the Fitness first stadium saw Bournemouth go down 1 nill to Aston Villa today.

Although it was a tight encounter,the home crowd were disappointed not to take anything from their first game.As all the football cliches tend to be a little hollow,we will hope that things will get better for us,as a bad start in this league can prove insurmountable.

From being kings of the league last season,it hasn’t been lost on us that Aston Villa are considered a weak team in this league and tipped by many pundits to be relegated this season.

This league is technically excellent,and the speed of passing and marking are of an exceptional level.Although these are very early days,we would hope as a town that we can at least open up our scoring account in the next game.

That said,this was still a monumental day for our town.To be playing in the best football league in the world is football heaven for a club that a few years ago faced extinction.

Sometimes football can be a little like life,you have to pinch yourself to appreciate just how far you have come.

Life is up and down,but as long as we give our best,we are still in the game.

Whatever your local team,let’s hope that the beautiful game wins out in each encounter.


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