Appreciation from an unusual source.

So today my car broke down .O-Kay,I normally use my car journeys to catch up on new music,I call Monday Muse,but as I was late for my first piano lesson,I had to take the bus.

Living as I do,in a semi-rural environment,buses are sporadic to say the least.Arriving at the bus shelter,I realised that I would have a long wait for the service that I required.

As mornings aren’t my best time to be honest,I sort of stood up j the corner of the shelter minding my own business.If I could have gotten away without engaging in a conversation I would have done.As there were 3 or 4 people already there,it seemed that I would be able to keep a low profile.Then,out of no-where,one of the ladies asked if I played the Pianomto which I responded yes.There after,a conversation ensued about her love of Jazz and Rock n roll.To be honest,I did feel that these gigs at nursing homes were never that well received.Well,how wrong I was.It was quite humbling.It made me realise that at times I don’t fully get how much pleasure a hours music can give people.

We talked about her love for Jazz,who she’d seen in the pre-war and post war era in London.Her knowledge,and appreciation was impressive.

So,what am I saying?I am saying that at times I underestimate people and their appreciation for music.

When I go to the nursing home next month,I will be looking for her,and hoping that they will enjoy my “Tribute to the swing masters” set.

From having a bad start to my day,things got a whole lot better for my working life today.


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