“Big day tomorrow for GCSE students,parents,carers,and Teachers”.

As the sun goes down on another day,I am reminded of how many of my GCSE pupils will probably have a sleepless night.Also,I am aware of all the parents of these young ones equally nervous for the future of their children.

   So,does all this anxiety have any real foundation?

Well,if you had asked me that question 25 years ago,I would have said that it’s not that important to have loads of what were then O-levels,let alone A-Levels.Life then was different,as it was still possible to enter the work place at 16 and get a reasonable job with prospects.

Now we are in the days of mandated learning up to the age of 18 years of age.Thats means that youngsters will be in Year 13 when they leave school.Now,that,to many,isn’t a good idea,but to many,16 wasn’t a mature age to have to get and hold down a job.

So we could say that our young people who get their results tomorrow have only just begun on their education journey.Nut,and it’s an enormous but,these young people will not get these results without hard work.Although the media will make a big deal about the ones who get A Stars tomorrow,but there will be many who don’t pass,or whose results aren’t as good as they hoped.

To me,being young today isn’t as easy as many would like us to think of.There are pressures on our young people that I didn’t have as a youngster.Now,many youngsters don’t go home to one of their parents being there,one or both of their parents have no choice but to work because it’s expensive to keep a roof over their heads.

Yes,educational choice has,in many ways been good,but what about those who don’t get into the school of their choice?At times,good parents are left going to a school that they didn’t want for their child.In many areas,people will move home in order to make sure that their child gets into the best schools.

Many of the parents that I know care deeply about their child’s education.With this in mind,I hope that this years results are better than ever,and that the hard working children and their parents and teachers receive all the encouragement possible.

Good luck to them all.


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