“I heard the birds singing today”.

Today,I heard the birds singing.Its not that they weren’t singing yesterday,I think that I wasn’t aware of them then.Its funny how these little feathered friends keep singing away,but we don’t always acknowledge them.

Maybe,we could be guilty of that with the people in our life.Yes,they are always there,singing our praises,fighting our corner.When I think of myself,I know that this applies to me.However,I also know that I have taken my loved ones for granted at times.Like the birds,they are always there keeping life going,making it more bearable

When I really listen to birds singing,I realise that their songs are very different I texture,timbre,and phrasing.Like people,whose words might be similar,but the emotions behind the words means that we have to really listen to what is said.to maintain relationships.

Some birds songs are more dominant than others,and it’s often the case that the dominant ones tend to drown out a softer singer.Sometimes,with our children it’s easy to give too much heed to the most dominant child.

So,yes,today I’ve spent time listening to the birds singing,and maybe using that as a metaphor about our family members is too simplistic,but I wanted to include it in my blog.


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