“All Children Matter.”

Today,I caught the tail end of a piece from the world at one.This item highlighted the work of Food banks to help families feed their children during the school holidays,as there are many families who don’t not have food to feed their children.

Yes,I suppose I am emotional about these issues.This connection arises from living in poverty as a child.To just explain a little though,this piece was from Camborne in Cornwall,a stone throw from where I was born in Redruth in 1957.

Adding some flesh to this story,one of the volunteers there highlighted how many children of parents who might be self-employed,but might not have any work are really struggling.When you here a man say that he went to a school where a teenager had collapsed because the family hadn’t eaten for 3 days,you realise perhaps why I get emotional about these things.

Look,as I have written before,I stole food as a child because I was so hungry.That was in the 1960s,it’s so,so sad that it would appear now that even in the provinces and not our large cities,there are problems with Malutrition.

While it’s good that Radio 4 covered this on lunchtime news,it beggars believe that this ideological government can’t see this.Their denials of any problems with their treatment of the vulnerable beggars belief.

Sometimes,I wonder where are the priorities of this government.What is the point of them?When are they going to take responsibility?Money can,and should be available.Money should be available.

Let’s cut the crap.Lets actually start caring about individual cases.Lets do it now.

Look ,I was in tears after that piece from Camborne.Yes,I’m like that,but I reckon that people out there care too.

Yes,transparency hurts,it hurts to admit that you’ve screwed up?look,it hurts to have to admit that you’ve been a thief cos your hungry.However,it’s time to man up government.Its really time to listen to the counter Austerity narrative.

What drives these people?What drives IDS.Lets face it,he was leader of the Tories.They got rid of him.Now,his legacy at the DWP is a joke.All the polemics on Poverty will tell him that.When are they going to listen?

As children prepare to go back to school after their Summer break,teachers will again take up the slack.TAs will alert them,food will be provided,and this merrygoround of neglect will continue.As Morgan a Trumpets her creed to us all,I just wonder if she really cares.

What I do know is that my fellow teachers do,teaching assistants do,food bank volunteers do to.Of that,there is no doubt.


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