“Brief Lives”.

Once the apple if their mothers eye,

       Rocked in cradle wicker clad and warm,

               Left to find a life free from War Torn fire fights,

                      Little boys and girls with brief lives and so much strife,

                             We as partners in the human race hold back the tears of our discrace.
                           Now our leaders talk and ring their hands,

                               Making plans,oh,so many plans,

                                   You see,words are so easy to utter,so hard to act on,


                                  Leaders,these brief lives are precious,


                                    Wether taken from us through tradegy,or through disease,or neglect,

                                           Help us all as humans not to forget,not to,not to,and again we say not to.
                                             Rest in peace,all you brief and precious lives.


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