It rained today,so I Sheltered in a doorway.Such a simple thing really.It got me thinking what happens when there is no where to shelter,when we are left to the elements and their ravages.

When I was younger,and living in Cornwall,I got used to bad weather.Like many places on the Hinterland,you have to.On one such occasion,I remember being caught up in bad weather with no where to shelter.Yes,I had a Henry Lloyd raincoat at that time,it was expensive at the time,but it was effective.That day it rained,there was a storm,and it was high tide.That day I can remember being scared,really scared.Although I had been born and bred in Cornwall,I hadn’t ever witnessed weather quite like it.

Today,I thought about that time,the storm,the high tide,the lack of Shelter.Mingled with that thought was a feeling that brought a tear to my eye.

Having  listened to Malcolm Rifkind on the TV today talking about “a measured approach” to refugees,it made me mad to be honest.You see,for all my poverty as a child,I always had Shelter,a roof over my head.My fellow humans from War torn lands are not asking for much in life,just Shelter,and a chance to bring their children up.So,I as Yeats once said “I Raged”,against the sickening Politicians who suck our country,who feel that they are our moral guardians when really they are letting good people down.So ,yes,I rage,and I reckon there’s others 

Who will be raging  too.

In a civilised land,Shelter should be something that we want to bestow on our fellow man.
         Yes,my blog post today is in defence of those who need Shelter because I think it is the most basic of Human rights.

                          Let’s dignify our fellow humans with whatever we can do.


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