“Sparing some time for the lonely.”

Today at our local supermarket,I must have seen well over 30 pensioners waiting in the que to pay for their shopping.

As most only had a few items,many of which were non-perishable I got to thinking that they rather enjoyed being in the company of younger shoppers,and especially those who were out with their children and partners.

Fortunately for me,I rather like solitude,and,after a weeks teaching,enjoy my own company.However,it’s good that everyone isn’t like me,as the world would be quite weird.Looking at the sheer number of senior citizens out today,I would say that it must be tough for many if they are on their own.

Loneliness can be very hard,especially if your trying to cope after a recent bereavement of a life partner.Observing these folk made me realise that we are so unique as people.There was I,wanting to get back to dogs and Lunch,and there was a man there who just wanted to talk his grandchildren who are in Australia.That must be tough,very tough.

When I lived in London,many would ring up a charity that I was associated with,not to talk about how desperate they were,but because they knew you were there,and that you would be a presence on the other end of the phone.

Life is rarely simple,in my experience,and people have depths to them that they are not able to show due to societal norms placed upon them.As we are rapidly becoming more of a secular society,Sunday for many  older ones,is a time to try connect with anyone.

Thinking about them,they would have known what this country was like during the Second World War,and they would have lived through rationing,so it’s a small thing to show them human kindness.

Tomorrow,I will go off to teach my charges,yes I might moan that they don’t pay me enough,but truly,I am so very lucky to have something in my life that turns me on,as so many are lonely,without family,and in need of comfort.


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