“Autumn is here”.

Tonight,when I took my dogs out for their walk,I felt that Autumn was truly upon us.Even though September might be considered early for the onset of this Season,it seemed,at least to me,to be ushering in its special aura.

During this time of the year,my mind takes me to the Pastoral symphony in F Major,by Beethoven.It is a favourite of mine,and has been since I was a child.When a human with the talent of Beetgoven bears his soul through music,you feel lucky that you appreciate it.That life,with all its problems doesn’t defeat your love of the beautiful,the truly awesome,and the Profound.You see,life can do that,it can defeat you,so that you are blinded to the good that it can offer.

Through music,I have been so lucky,it’s why I will spend so much time preparing my lessons for my pupils to inspire them to maybe have some of what I have.Most teachers will echo that.My subject is,I know,a tertiary one,but whatever subject is taught,it’s the goal of most teachers to inspire,and fire up the curiosity in their pupils.Maybe,music is easier than most.

So,yes,Autumn is here.Today,as many refugees are settling down to life in Bavaria,I hope that some of those might be inspired by the beautiful forests there,and,like Beetgoven to write,compose,draw or Paint as a way to help them in their life.

Thank you for indulging me in my muse.Goodnight.


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