“Give classical music a chance,why not start with Proms in the Park.”

As a child,and all through my formative years,I remember the encouragement that I received at my school,and the exposure to classical music.As a child born into poverty,I credit my teachers with that vocational spirit to give of themselves to encourage me,and others to appreciate amazing music.

Now,in my late middle age,I try my best to encourage who ever I have the privilege to teach to grow in appreciation for classical music too.Yes,I know that there are so many demands on young people today,and the sheer rigours of the academic programme can sometimes crowd out tertiary education.

As these pressures will,if anything,intensify,it’s important to grasp any occasion when classical music can be heard.One such arena will be the forthcoming proms in the park this Saturday evening.Yes,I know that some exposure will be greeted with a little reticence,but I feel that for young children and,or adults to hear a symphony orchestra is a wonderful thing.These concerts on the last night of the Proms are,to me,at least,an ideal time to dip your feet in the water.

This particular prom season continues to break all records and we,as a country can be rightly proud of our musical heritage.

Soon,the first ever concert will be given by the Halle orchestra at the Bridgewater hall,Manchester,where the audience can decide the amount that they want to pay for the concert.Tgis,I sincerely hope,will attract a whole new audience,and I really hope that our provincial orchestras,like Bournemouth symphony,will follow suit.

I feel passionately that people should have the chance to hear a professional orchestra near to their home,at a price that might attract them,and then see where this takes us.

So,I hope that music will continue to be a part of the fabric of our country.

Thank you for giving me some of your time.


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