“We all need some thought oil”.

I need to oil my thoughts because there rusty,

     There old and tired and have seized up.

Of course,I hadn’t noticed until it was too late,

    I’d become a bit of a bogot.

        Judging my fellow an harshly,

           My world view was stuck in the 1950s
            But the question is,Where do I get this oil to unclog my thoughts,

                     Can I really be sure that the thought oils on the market are good,

                             Why so many spin their thoughts with fake oil that it’s hard to know.
              So if your thoughts aren’t rusted yet,Beware,they will be.

                   Those media hacks,those pseudo righteous people will make sure they are.
                Now,all you young ones,use the 3 in 1 thought oil,

                       Use the When,What,How,thought oil,,

                             That will do the trick,that will unclogg your thoughts.


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