“It’s time to dust off my Winter Coat”.

It’s cold outside this morning,and I’m thinking that I will have to dust off my coat that has been in the cupboard for the summer.

When it’s cold,I tend to feel that the temperatures have an ability to freeze my mind of thoughts.Yes,it’s so illogical and farcical,but there you are.

When I was a child,the main element that we grappled with was high winds coming off the Atlantic Ocean.Although at times,you could hardly stand up,I found the whole experience rejuvenating,just like being given a whole new life again.

As I get older,I’m rathert  more down about the affects of bad weather.Its natural on one hand,and sad in another.You see,I want to soak up the storms,and the gales ,and the sheer metaphysical turmoil of It all,it’s just the reality that gets to me.These storms and gales have been like life at times for me,they have affected me on a level that I wasn’t even aware of.Yes,when your young storms can give you a whole new lease of life,but as you get older,they can also depress you.

Now,I like to soak up the good weather in my life,a bit like the story of that guy Joseph who stored up grain in the good times to prepare for the bad times.So what I’m saying is,I really live and enjoy the good things in my life.Yes,I know that there are bad things too,but I try not to deliberately subject myself to the bad stuff,because it’s tough for me.
Oh well,it’s time to leave for work.best get that old coat out.


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