Water on Mars!

Maybe David Bowie’s Life on Mars song from the seventies will have a whole new lease of life,as scientists get very animated about water being found on the famous planet.As a total scientific layman,I am apt to adopt am”wait and see attitude”,but Bowie touched a need in all f us then to continue to push the frontiers of space.

I was a teenager when Bowie penned that song in his Ziggy Stardust world that would suck us all in to make contact with our Alter egos.

Some songs have that affect on us.Bowie has that genius of singing in such a way that you live each phrase again,and again.Bowie also has an amazing range that we sometimes don’t give him credit for.That song still sounds fresh to me,even though it’s over forty years since it was written.This,to me,is a testimony to the genius of the writing.

Sometimes,I think that people like Bowie,Winwood,Wonder,aback son,Van Morrison,et al,could have equally excelled in other musical genres too,I really do.

I don’t know what I think about the prospect of there being Life on Mars,but what I do know is that song has a gigantic place in my musical consciousness.Thanks Bowie.


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