The Audition!

Picture yourself naked in a dark dingy room with you and a pianist,

It’s the most dynamic 3 mins you will ever have.

Will the notes come up out of your mouth,

Will you really sell yourself or just shout.

Now,this is how the music profession is,

At whatever level your lucky enough to get.

You dream of being the next diva,the next big thing,

Trouble is,the panel have heard thousands of voices just like yours.

You get the first notes out,it’s going well,

Not swell,just well,but is it well enough.

This room seems to suck your notes dry,

So much so,that you wanna cry.

Your into the middle 8 ,but is it too late,

As the colours in your phrasing please you,your resigned to your fate.

Your almost at the coda wth that imperfect cadence and tenuto note,

That guy won’t forget you,and hopefully you’ll get his vote.


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