“Don’t Bank on it.”

Today,I was at my local bank,it was lunchtime,as most people are short of time then,I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough time to pay in a cheque.As is often the case,the bank tellers seemed to be short staffed today.At the counter,an extremely truculent guy was lambasting the assistant about a charge that had been made to his account.This seemed to go on for an age,as he didn’t want to accept her explanation for the charge.

Sometimes I wonder wether I would have reacted like that .It was £10,and I suppose that is quite a lot of money if you don’t have it,or weren’t expecting to be charged.It did cross my mind,however,that the bank staff are at the coal face in these disputes,and that it must be very hard dealing with irate customers.As the manager wasn’t available,it seemed to escalate beyond the point where any graceful climb down could be achieved.It made me think of giving the guy the ten quid just to get some peace,and to get back to my life.

Sometimes,I wonder if we have lost the art of saying our peace without using aggression as the first port of call.This assistant seemed to be saying the same thing over and over again to this man,and he was turning this into a crusade.Life to me isn’t about being so aggressive,the guy wasn’t a vagrant,and didn’t seem destitute.

It made me realise that life is far too short to waste it on petty things like sundry amounts of money.Yes,banks will charge you,that’s how they make money,but perspective can be a great teacher.

So,yes,I was late,but not in a good cause.Maybe,I shouldn’t go to the bank at lunchtime again.


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