“Coffee to go”.

When I was younger,you could buy a cup of coffee from what we called “A Smokey Joe’s”.The request was simple the hand  vendor was water from an urn,and either camp coffee,or the beginnings of instant in the form of Maxwell House.

So,today at the garage,the frantic scenes around the Costa vending machine,and the truculence of one customer because the machine was out of order made me think about how we have changed in our habits and needs in a relatively short period of time.

Nowadays,it’s becoming the norm for many,because of the stresses in life,to forego breakfast and get a “Coffee to go”.There seems to be a whole industry of these places now.This persons level of anger at the machine being out of order this morning intrigued me.Maybe we are so reliant now on large companies selling us something that we don’t have time to prepare at home.It seems so sad to me.It made me think if this poor mans anger was really the best of things to be over a cup of Coffee.

Stress is such an insidious thing.We all suffer from it in varying degrees.This was brought home to me about 10 ten years ago and it really didmake to think.As my son has had a cardiac disorder which requires frequent visits to a specialist centre,I’m often there with him.Ive had to get used to it ,it’s my life,and the life of others in a similar situation.Well,on this particular occasion,my son had had a bad night ,and was sleeping,so I took time out to go off the ward to make a telephone call as mobiles were not allowed as they interfered with the imaging scanners in hospitals.As I waited in the corridor,there was a young guy there of around 30 to 35.The Cardiac wing of this hospital houses adult Cardiac care as well as Paed.

He was talking to someone with his work,feeding coins into the machine.Now,he’d had “Major” surgery,and it was during the time when they kept you in for quite a while after surgery.Now,he must have made 5 calls,one after another,each to do with his business,and you could hear that he was getting stressed that they hadn’t done everything that he had wanted.At that time,my son was in a bad way,and was on morphine.His condition was congenital.It was just bad luck for him and us as a family.To be honest,I thought of this guy,and I wondered if he fully appreciated that he had had another chance of life,and maybe was letting a business get to him.It made me feel that we should always look after the good health that we have,because not all people are so lucky.

This morning brought back that memory of how we should avoid too much needless stress and anger.Sometimes,I wonder if our society provides so much to make us “move and go”, that we forget how having a drink in a cafe with a real life attendant and the atmosphere that provides,and de-stress you.

Over the years,I have met so many people in various cardiac centres who wished that they had not gotten so. Stress with over work and business because they had had a major heart attack.

Yes,life is busy,but the real people in it want you to come home too,safe and sound.


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