“Hoping for the best on this new day.”

It’s a new day,give or take 5 mins.Ive no idea what that day will bring,but I know that life will go on,come what may.Thats the thing,you see,no matter how much you might want the world to take notice of the tough stuff that your dealing with,it just carries on,ever onward.

This was brought painfully to my attention recently in my own family,and it affected me in a profound way.My eldest son,who has always suffered with serious health problems had gotten a serious infection that had progressed to full blown pneumonia.He was in a general hospital in the Home Counties.As much as they were well meaning,they were unable to stem this infection,and he appeared to be getting worse,and there wasn’t any sign of improvement.

As he had been admitted late on a Friday evening,we were worried,very worried.Now,we had been used to hospital admissions with him before ,as this had been part of his condition as a child,and our lives as parents of a sick child.However,taking all these factors into account,we were worried,very worried.

We were at his bedside for the whole of Saturday,and there wasn’t really any real improvement,and it seemed that this was a deep seated infection,and one that his body wasn’t fighting off.We tried to be positive abut thngskbut it remained very difficult to see any light at the end of the tunnel.Later that night,we were to arrive back at where we were staying with heavy,concerned hearts for we there he could get through this .

On Sunday,with my son feeling that the care that he was being given wasn’t up to the standard that he was used to at the national heart hospital,it became apparent that the hospital there were running out of ideas as to how to proceed.After much discussion and should searching,it was decided that my sons only hope was to be transferred to the Royal Brompton hospital that had cared for him in their specialist centre.

With a police escort he was rushed there on Sunday afternoon.As a parent,and one who had known just how ill my son had since birth I was wondering if he could pull through this one.He arrived there mid afternoon on the Sunday afternoon,and would stay there for a further 10 days.It was,indeed a serious infection.At one point,he was transferred to a high dependency ward where he was given intensive care.Although,at that stage,we weren’t sure if he would pull through,we kept trying to be positive about it.

All through that time,life carried on around us,with often petty ,stupid and annoying events going on outside the hospital.As our son fought for his life then,life carried on outside.In many ways,I wish that it didn’t,but it just did,almost to the point making me rage.

You see,that seems to be how life is.Its possible to be in the depths of despair yourself,while others laugh and sing and dance and live their life as if nothing bad is happening at all.They are not bad people,they are not to blame,it’s just how life is.It hit me right between the eyes during that week that we shouldn’t ever begrudge others their chance at life.You know,we don’t know what they are dealing with,and we don’t walk in their shoes.As someone who has had to face the very tragic in life,I would like to think that I do indeed have empathy for others and their predicaments.

So,this new day that has been going a few minutes now,I know it will bring mixed fortunes for folk around the world.Yes,in a small way,I might a chance to affect someone’s life in a positive way today,and,if possible,I will try,I really will,but if I don’t get everything right,it won’t because I’m a bad person,or that I don’t care,it will be that I’m just a human being,with all the frailties that that brings.

I wish the human race a good day,I really do,I hope that we really can care for others,and give of our best,and I hope that they do the same for us too.


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