“Penny for my thoughts.”

It’s just past 5, it’s getting dark,I’m wondering if this day is really as long as it seems.Its colder here,you feel the weather changing.Trees around here are changing colour.They are beautiful,as if ,in death,their leafs are giving off their life source to us.

Now,I’ve had a day when my pupils haven’t been on my mind.Half term affords me time to think of other matters.When your at school,time happens in the dynamic,and events occur without warning.Working with children is a wonderful thing,but they can,and do,tire you.Although the rewards are great,the responsibilities,the sheer amount of goodwill that the profession demands is quite staggering at times.

It made me think of the Long hours that our Junior Doctors are working,often under huge pressure to themselves,and their families.I know a number of Doctors,and have met numerous ones over the years.To me,everyone of them are heroes,and should be appreciated by their employers,the NHS.Recently,I have been appalled at the problems that they are having with their contracts.It seems to be a constant problem with governments and the NHS.

Althugh teachers can’t be said to save lives,we do,of course,Mold them.We are shapers and our efforts to affect the lives of children are our passion.

While it is true that teachers holidays are generous,our efforts in term time represent a genuine public service that should be understood.

As the children settle down to their half term holiday,I know that there will be teachers come Thursday who will be lesson planning and preparing for the second half of the Autumn term.

Sometimes,it’s the sheer level of support that out pupils need which is a constant drain on your mental resources.This,I feel ,will only get worse as the next tranch of cuts to child tax credits takes their toll j parents.Child Poverty is a real problem,that will get worse as the most vulnerable take the brunt of the ideology of the resent administration.

My fellow teachers will,I am sure,continue to support their charges,as that is why they are Public servants.Howe ear,many teachers are undervalued and stressed to the point of exhaustion.It appears that the Public services are all in a similar position at the moment.Whatever we feel about our fellow humans,it surely isn’t right that so many from all professions are feeling undervalued and used at this time.

One thing I know for sure is this,there will always be teachers,and their will always be Doctors,Nurses,Firemen,and Paramedics,but they surely deserve to be respected in our society.


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