The Joy of community singing!

Last night,I joined with around 200 others in a concert with the children that I teach.Yes,they are young,and were nervous,but the atmosphere there in the building was electric I might add.Hearing the parents singing in the congregation too was such an uplifting experience,it really made me feel glad to be a human.

Singing to me,has always had that affect.Since a child,I was always part of choirs,and until my voice broke sang weekly.Some of the young voices who did solos last night were truly wonderful,and it was a joy to listen to it.

This time of the year reminded me that we live in a country that is indeed pluralistic in its beliefs and culture.However,just the act of singing together familiar songs can ,and has been throughout our country a force for good.

As a country,we have such a choral tradition that we can rightly be proud of.At its Zenith,we have the lofty standards of Kings College,Cambridge,along with other such bastions as the Bach choir and other marvellous institution.But at grass roots level,we still have a wonderful reservoir of dedicated young people,choir leaders from all backgrounds and faiths.They are doing such a great thing by raising their voices in song throughout the country.

During this time up to Christmas,we will hear the voices raised in song .It will warm our hearts to hear it,Yes,we might not share the religious belief of others,but we can surely unite in the basic words of hope and goodwill,and we can sing in our hearts if we feel unable to physically join in.

Many of the children in last nights concert will go to d other things in life and will make a difference in society,but their participation in group singing will have helped them along the way,I have no doubt.

 Singing truly is a joyful thing.


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