“Our unsung Heroes”!

Our unsung heroes they are all around us,

That neighbour who checks on that elderly couple daily,shopping and a smile.

Those who work for the good of the vulnerable in our town,

Manning food banks,wanting no thanks for it.

Those who always try to honest ,trustworthy,and kind,

May it be never difficult for us to find.

Let’s give a shout out for those who care for their animals,

Feeding them,walking them,loving them.

These ordinary things can be lost at times like these,

These ordinary people should never be lost though.

Let’s celebrate those who bring joy to the lives of others who find very little themselves,

Those who man phone lines for the lonely,depressed,or suicidal.

These special ordinary ones may not get a “New years honour”,but boy,where would we be without them,eh.?

They are all heroes to me.All heroes to me.


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