“The Birds are singing for their supper”.

I listen to the birds,they sing and work and they don’t quit,

My observations abut them are quite rudimentary and heartfelt.

We look to wildlife in ways that surprises us all,

These creatures are ever present,ever industrious,they dnt do Sunday’s.

If I could say one thng about them,it’s that there survivors,

I like to think that I’m a survivor,but really I want live large,not just survive.

So My Sunday wouldn’t be what it was without observing these feathered friends,

I’m happy in my observations,and I haven’t finished with these sightings either.

As they sing their afternoon songs,they are there in melodious voice,singing intervals of great rapidity,

Perfect fifths,minor thirds,Augmented fourths,sometimes the chromatic scale is used,other times the Dorian mode.

Long live our feathered friends in their positive examples.Love live the Robin,Sparrow,Swallow and Thrush.Long live them all.


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