Music from my Childhood.

As I started to progress with the piano,my passion in the early days was for the sounds that I had heard as a child when my sister,Shiela had taken me to the local cafe where they had a jukebox.Even though by now by sister had been ill for a little over 3 years,I still remembered the music that she would listen too at the cafe.Those days were my formative experiences in music for me.

So,in my early years,my knowledge at that time of the classics was very limited,but I could sing most of the Dusty Springfield catalogue.As it became clear that my sister would never really function as a person like she did before her breakdown,I sort of became quite obsessed with these songs,as they represented to me my sister at her best.Yes,now,it is obvious that this didn’t make much sence,but,at the time,it seemed the right thing to do.

So,by the time I was twelve,I could play by ear most of Dusty’s songs,along with  Bill Hailey,Buddy Holly,Roy Orbison,and Eddie Couchran.Although these weren’t the sort of pieces that my teacher approved of,I still busied myself in my head with these tunes until I had mastered them.Now well over 40 years later,I still have  a soft spot for these artists,even though I have since mastered the classical artists and am considered proficient in Jazz piano.My purpose in writing this is to flag up that music is highly personal,and it gives pleasure to so many people.Even though my sister passed away a few years ago now,she still liked for me to talk about those visits to the cafe when she would play her favourite tunes.

So,my early music wasn’t in any way highbrow,it still inspired me and I tend to encourage a love for music in its broadest spectrum.Yes,many of my peers in the profession that I belong too can Sometmes be quite dismissive to the pop genre,but we have to see that many children done ever get the exposure to classical music that others take for granted.As I conclude my post for today,those seminal pieces by Dusty still have a treasured place in my mind,and probably always will do.

Thanks for indulging my post for today.



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