Treasure the gift of music in your life.

Today,I’m going to play on my piano some old favourites,some of my most happy times in life have been spent at the Piano.It has always impressed me,that no matter how bad I think my playing might be,I always return to it in the end.

It’s part of the pulses of my life.When I’m able to get to the instrument,all the other stuff in life seems less stressed.Am I lucky?Why yes,there are oh so many people who have to live without any emotional outlet for their feelings.There are people who are homeless,in care,or just feeling desperately lonely.That must be tough.So I know just how lucky I am,just how happy music makes me feel,but even more so,to teach it,and to share it with others is indeed a special thing.

Seeing the delight on a child’s face when they have mastered a favourite piece is indeed one of my personal joys.Witnessing their expression as they hear something new.This really matters,this affects us,this is important.So,although music can be demanding,and teaching is a profession that drains you,it is worth it,it really is.

To me,no time spent with a child,or an adult is ever wasted,it just can’t be,it’s just great to beable to do that.

Yes,teaching has always been a vocational profession to me.Yes,I get that certain hygiene factors are important in life,but that hasn’t always been the driving force for me,and I have often lost track of time in a lesson and gone way over the limit allotted.But that isn’t what it’s all about,it can’t be really.

To me,it’s about communication,it’s something that we all have inside of us,this wanting to feel things,to be alive.Music can do that for people,and it does it without asking for too much in return.Its such a gift to us,it really is.

When the expressive are denied to people because of income,or social standing,or race,then alarms for the furtherance of society go up for me.Open access to the arts is essential for all people.

Whatever our minds might be thinking of in a day,I doubt if a day goes by when a person is not listening to some music,be it classical or contemporary.Music is all around us,in many ways,it’s part of our DNA.So we should foster the love of it,reach out with it to others.We should compliment our fellow musicians,pleased with their progress,not jealous of their talents,that is so crass.

As we furnish joy in our lives in whatever we do,may music have a part to play in that contract that we want to have with ourselves,and that is to love ourselves.Without being able to love ourselves,it is neigh on impossible to love others.People need to feel love,it is such a basic human need.

Music produces its own balm to lubricate us from the perils of life.

Thank you for your kind attention.



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