Finding Value in being wrong!

Wrong doesn’t mean as much as we fear,

Being wrong isn’t the end of our life,far from it.

You just can’t know everything,and the pursuit of that isn’t viable,

My knowledge is within very a very narrow field,and I’m still learning.

Each day I enjoy someone challenging me,as long as they are fair with it,

My life isn’t threatened by my saying,”I really didn’t know that,thank you for Tellng me”.

Living life in the knowledge that despite our best intentions we will not get it all right is,healthy,

What’s not emotionally intelligent is constant angst,constant arrogance from anyone,and not listening to a counter narrative.

When we think that we are perfect,just watch your work associates become cooler with you,oh,and watch your friends they will tend to disappear.

So,yes,I think it’s healthy to accept being wrong,saying sorry when you’ve been Jan arrogant Pratt,and stop taking ourselves so seriously.

You know,the sun comes up and comes down,try making the life that we lead in between more enjoyable for yourselves and others.


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