Just Sometimes!

Just sometimes,you have to count those good thngs in your life,

You have to look at the good n your life,and treasure what you do have.

Yes,I truly know that life can be tough,tough,tough,but take a step back for a moment,

Just pinch yourself for one moment,if you can breath,if you can walk unaided,if you are nt wired up to a machine tonight,

If you can answer yes to these questions then you are in a good place,yu truly are.

Why yes,we all want more,we are only human,but spare a thought for those who are suffering Tgis evening through no fault f their own,

Then,look in the mirror fr just a few seconds.Now,if you are healthy,then lease be grateful,and try to spread some good cheer to those near you,give them the jy of your healthy body,love them,love them,love them.
This is my blog for today.


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