Sound Surprise!

In a little under a week,I will be going on holiday down to Devon.Being Cornish,it might appear to be an odd place to actually stay,but Devon,its coastline,and it’s sheer geographical scale compared to Cornwall is of great interest to me.

Over the years ,I have been lucky to have had some wonderful times along the Southern coastline of the county.Staying just along from Newton Ferras,watching the boats coming into to the estuary there is,to many,a simple pleasure,but to me,one that attracts me as it gives off its own sound.To elaborate,when there a just a light sea breeze,it’s just wonderful to capture those sounds,almost like some of the pianissimo parts of the second movement of the Chopin F minor concerto.Ive sat on the foreshore for hours and hours there soaking up that sound.These little trickles f water lapping against the estuary banks when a larger craft had just come into its moors,that almost “I’m home now “.

These sounds have always attracted me on the one hand,and ,on the other distracted me.I have heard the sea penetrating my imagination since I was a child.Members of my Cormish family who are long gone now would talk to me about the sea wanting its fill of you.As a child,I couldn’t really understand this,or I was confused by their terminology.As I grew to appreciate these sounds,I realised that the “actual sound of the sea”,is the soundtrack to my life.Yes,after almost 36 years of professional life as a music teacher,the sea,it’s sound ,it’s vibrations,it’s counterpoint,it’s perils,it’s “kiss me quick hats” is my soundtrack.

When I was studying,my teachers would say that I lacked concentration on the piece at hand,and that I was easily distracted.As a polemic of my education,it has its merits,but emotional intelligence in education back then wasn’t a part of the process,so the reasons why I was like this were never asked.However,I have to admitt that I am easily bored at times wth the familiar music tenets that people want to hang their knowledge on.My sense of a musical revisionist approach is now beginning to take shape after a number of Hours of thought.

If a blunt definition of music that we know it is “Organised Sound”,then my premise that music is everywhere,and,in my case,it’s very acute near ,or by the sea,then I am in error.However,if,as I might suspect,that many people dnt just go to the seaside to look,but to hear,and those sounds stay with them as memories often into later life,then maybe the definition of organised sound is far too tight,to rigid,too constraining.

Just as an abstract idea,if you were to ask 100 people why they liked being by the sea,I am not sure that they would exclusively highlight the visual.Yes,it would be understandable that what they saw would affect them,and it would stay with them,of that there is no doubt.

As a child when all my family would just love making sand castles,dreaming of one day owing a house like the one that they had just made out of sand,I was listening to the sea,soaking up its vibrations its pulses,it’s propulsion system,it’s dimensions,it’s whole it’s depth,it’s rip tides.

So,whoever gets to know me,knows that I obsess over sounds,and what it does to me.It doesn’t frighten me,but it captures me.

If your able to soak up just a bit of the sounds of the countryside,the hinterland then I am with you.

Have a lovely day.



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