Teenage growing pains produce wonderful results.!

From the excitement of the last day of term,to the dawn of the new day,I am drawn by the seemingly never ending patterns of life that exist.

As this new day ushers in prospects,activities,musings and the like it is,nontheless,linked to yesterday because our minds are apt to be retrospective in their very pulse.That,to me,is a comfort in oh so many ways,for if we were to forget the treasure s of our own personal history,then how can we observe the history in others,their highlights,their pluses,their passages of intent.

Children have a wonderful fascination for the moment,for living in that moment,and not tearing that moment might not be repeated again,their confidence in the moment not being an isolated event is oh so interesting.Of course,children grow up invariably,but their growing into adults isn’t as easy for them as we might expect.What was interestingly called growing pains is a reality to oh so many.As those formative minds reach the teenage years,they sometimes go through a gambit of emotions that are,on the one hand,bizarrely exciting,and on the other,infusing,and sometimes dangerous.As parents,we can often feel that we are observing these difficult days through a damaged Prism where light particles pass through in an orderly way,but escape in chaos.What to do about it isn’t an easy thing it can be exhausting and nerve racking.However,we do go through these years,we live them with them,but in the knowledge that ,although a transitional stage into adulthood,it is the most interesting stage.

As yesterday to the mind of a ten year old might be quite simple in many ways,yesterday to a teenager will not be the case.We who have a duty of care to thrm have to understand that on the veery extremes of society,teenagers need protecting,as only a very sketchy understanding of the news will testify.Many teenagers are being radicalised,many abused,many just not loved,many feel lost,even if they are not.When no-one reaches out,when it’s “non of our business”,or my kids are alright,then isolation for them can be quite a toxic friend.As adults we are apt to talk about Altar egos,we are drawn to explanation,but when we are teenagers,we don’t know what is going on,we don’t understand our own selves,everything about ourselves -our bodies even -can become a mind field of confusion.So,the constantly of presence,the small things of being there,the patterns of saying,”I love you,your my son,my daughter,your precious I am going to help you becomes oh so very important.

Ely Now,to those parents who are doing that,I salute you and know that although it is so often a thankless task for many,many years,but ,it is,to me,the most rewarding thing that we could ever do,To those teenagers who don’t get the support of parents and carers,or they don’t feel loved,it is to those that we hope someone form the professions,or a more distant family member will reach out,because this help is so needed.To those who sigh and have an artistic sensitivity,these years can be traumatic,and these young people need support because without it,they can,and do,fall through the net.

My feelings for this new day are many teenagers prepare for the onset of examinations which will in many ways affect where they will be in the next few years,we as a society owe much to them.Our political masters feel that it is the norm now to burden them down with debt just to get an education that will allow them to earn a decent living.This,to me,seems very sad,and difficult in many ways.Young people will affect the planet that we live on,they are the ones who will have to act to basically safe it.

We,including me,are the adults,we the grown ups,we should want to listen to them,to not be shocked about them,to foster their ideas,and to allow those ideas water in which to grow,as without it,they are just worthless fantasies.

When I was a teenager,if you showed a talent for anything,and you were good at it,you could get a grant,you could get out of that council estate that situation call it what you like,and you could change your life.Hopefully,those of my generation remember enough about the good things that those days afforded them to think of giving back to the teenagers of our times.Now,it must,and has to start with our our children,because they really will affect the world in which we live.The perpetuation of the norm is no longer a viable option.

So,today,at this time,my mind is again on this precious and important group within our society.These people are not customers who but iPhones,or just download music and games,they are thinking young people who have a voice,who have opinions,who can affect our world for the good,and will do,if we respect them and allow them to grow through the pains of emotional growing and into full adulthood.

So many teenagers in Year 13  will be invisible in their study bubble,many will engage in stuff that might not fit our middle aged concepts,but grow they will.They are our future,and I have the blazing hope that they have more about them than many might suggest.

Just having a small part in their life is a privilege beyond compare.If we are part of the professions that are involved in young people,let’s do that with excitement,with joy,and with a compelling desire to give of ourselves.

Feel their pain,not bemoan them,support them,because they really are the ultimate emotional investment.

Thank you .



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