In Praise of compromise!

Yes,being right might have its merits,having the last word could appear to be attractive to some,

To me though,it’s the inner contentment of living a life that is accepting of thers,their ideas,their thoughts.

When people tell me what they are thinking,then I’m in a better place,I’m communing with them,not fighting,

All arguments that denigrate another have at their core,selfishness,without compromise,just how do we rub along.

Try Livng in a house with 10 others without compromise and you won’t get very far,you really won’t ,

Try playing in a band with 3 other people,each with their own ego,talents,and wishes,without compromise.

You see,without mutual respect as a starting point and the shared goal of harmony,compromise will rarely come to the fore,

You can be deceived by yourself that by being right on sme trivial issue that yu are in some way being true to yourself.

Compromise lubricates many an engine room in the family,school,business,or organisation,it has merits that reach beyond the boundaries of that sauce nt society as a whole.

When we are tolerant of others then compromise has an ideal environment to grow,when we are stubborn and arrogant then it stagnates.

So,yes,we might have to compromise in little thngs at times,and large things in order to move thngs forward,n order to sustain momentum.

Thank you .



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