Lodged within a heart!

If you could look inside your heart right now,what would you see?

If,more importantly,I could look into mine,what would I see?

For these questions,though not long ,or complicated,might take time to show.

In a life there are many events that shape us,Mold us,affect us,draw us to certain decisions.

So now we pause,reflect,ruminate,stand in the Mirror.

It’s like my favourite MJ song,”The man in the mirror”, we can’t really start a polemic of our fellow man until we have faced ourselves in the mirror so to speak.

I hope that there are good things in my heart,that I can help my fellow humans,because that is ,to me at least,the salient reason to exist.

This week,following the death of Prince,there has been the usual trash printed in the tabloid press about the artist.Altough not surprising,one thing  out

  to me about the man was that he was willing to give fellow artists a chance in the business,he would give of himself 

That ,to me,is testimony to his humanity,and that,to me,is a good heart

I know so many with good hearts ,good  people with good hearts,yet,at times,they don’t know it,they need reassurance that they have good  hearts.

So,look after that heart of yours,and celibrate all the good that is lodged there.



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