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It started mid afternoon in our neck of the woods,

Just drizzle,drizzle,drizzle,and then it intensified.

Now,as the skies opened ,our journey from Portsmouth to Verwood proved quite an ordeal,

It became driving rain,it got worse and worse,until visibility got to us and we felt a fast heart beat.

But I have known it rain worse,very much worse,I have been out in gale force driving rain to the point of being unable to stand up,

If it was meant to frighten me,it didn’t,because I have always respected the elements and always knew that you can’t argue with them,because there is only ever one winner.

So,as I sit in my warm home ,in a brick sanctuary,I spare a thought for the men and woman who are out there now in the rain,the emergency services,the RNLI!those small boat fishermen ,all those who just have to grapple with the elements,

To those dear men and women,I salute you and the work that you do,and remember those who innocently succumbed to those ferociously elements.



For the love of walking!

With a cadence strong and true,with dogs faithful and true,scented flowers and trees in bloom,

When pace is dictated by the observed sounds that live in the river,and caress our senses in its reflections.

For this snapshot of life,shared by others in this country park,shared with the variety of human interactions that make up Britain,

For in different shapes and sizes,our contrasting lifestyles and the like,we are all lovers of the country,dwellers of a more friendly life pace.

As a walk of say 4 miles becomes refreshed from a visit to the station cafe,just obserbng the excitement of the children waiting to board the little steam train lifts my spirits,that observed enjoying in steam slow motion,

With slower cadence on the way back ,and the breeze affecting the river,it felt more metaphysical,less of a contrived atmosphere,my imagination let me think of wether the children of 1990 bring their children back to !Moors  Valley,and wether they think of its early days,wether they see just how good a country park it is now.?

My imagination is one thing,perhaps the reality might be different as it often is,but I like to think of these romantic thought journeys have a place in life that satisfy my muse.

Rivers and streams leave their mark on us all,they also allow animal and aquatic life to prosper,and this country park in our local area here in East Dorset is a good resource,it is a shared space and very much part of ur community.

So,this was a very pleasant walk indeed!

Long Live thought!

It’s almost five in the morning,there is light though,maybe low level and lacking in intensity,but still light,

But at this time of the day with no environmental sounds,the bird song have their day,their rehearsal is such a joy.

From early stirrings to full blown symphony chorus,I continue to marvel,and continue to muse on their ability to inspire.

When we as humanity are apt to look for reasons for activity,as if we are hard wired for such a function,these creatures just do,they just do,

My awareness of a pause conjoins with a mental pause ,a stunted flow of words,a heavy ponderous feeling,or in Italian Pesante!

Ian How long will it continue,I know not,for if we knew everything from another moment,then fear of entering that moment would kick in.

No,we can’t,we mustn’t give way to fear,but,instead,we must live,we must use what we have ,we must ,we must,we must.

Opinions vary as to what life should be about and in many ways our smile,our disposition is our main advert,

Sometimes we refuse to create due to failure,but failure is part of life,as success is part of it too.

Frankly,I like to be pleased for another’s success,and especially for the success of young people,as that will inspire to keep going.

So,in this break for something to say,something to project unto the ether,I still exist,I still am,just like I was before,

So also,in success of failure,we still live and exist and have a measure of power to feel alive.

I feel that create is to appreciate my life,wether it is validated by my fellowman is another matter,

As their Polemic is justified to a degree,so is my need to create justified in that it fuels my life,my existence.

So softly the bird song becomes not Pesante,but dolce and increases in intensity and tempo to Allegretto,

Yes,those wonderful Italian terms that inhabit my creative existence and are the handmaiden of my muse.

We all can lift ourselves up from the mire of “the pursuit of things”,to “the beauty of appreciation”,

We can,if we want to,but if our mind escapes to other pastures ,then we might explain in some other way.

But other ways are for ther people ,their create journey,their life,but this is mine,this is how I see it,and I leave you with this moment,this time,this ,this,this,time,for in this time I wrote ,I wrote,I wrote

As the day moves on since I started these jottings,sleep has been the friend of the many ,their refuelling continues and I rejoice in that,for that will help them on their holiday.

For ,like the birds who sing together,and sometimes in turn,we rejoice in the good of our fellowman and in their wellbeing,knowing that bitterness and a lack of innate love can destroy our soul,and kill an artist,a poet,a writer,a musician.

Live your life today,live it because it is yours.Have joy in it like the good person that you are.

To explore our own mind,to excavate it,to penetrate our own consciousness,is,to me ,profoundly creative and satisfying.

Long live thought.

Thank you.



I write this in the knowledge that for many it will be a holiday tomorrow,

For those people,let them enjoy their time whatever they do,for everyone needs to have a break.

When stress and overwork threaten to push people to the point of breaking down,

Give encouragement to folk,be glad that they have balance in their lives.

For when they don’t have that,then it’s a short stage away to desperation,

Surely no-one wants that,no-one.

So,let’s wish our fellow humans my in their lives,and help them if we can to ease their journey,

We all must know txt it makes sense,real sense.

Late Sunday afternoon!

It’s that time of day when you say,”It’s been a good day,still been a peaceful day,it’s been good to be alive”,

To be content with having the sun on yur back,enough food to eat,a mind that isn’t too tired,that is a good day.

Reflecting on others for a moment,I hope that others have had what they need,and that they have enjoyed their Sunday,

As life as a habit of Ming at such a breakneck pace,it’s good to escape on a Sunday to a less pressured world.

So,as the afternoon moves into evening,I hope that t funds you at peace wth yourself and your fellowman.
Thank you .


Can we change our opinions?Are we as humans so rigid in our thoughts?

Both of those questions are salient in life,and it’s not that we don’t ever consider them,or similar ones don’t come into our heads.However,it’s true to say that we all have a schema of how we basically want to live our lives and if we are happy with that and we are settled in our mind,then I suppose that will be the direction that we will take in the future.Its true to say though that we all moan about things in our life,it’s very much a part of human nature.However,if those moans become our personal life anthem,then it could affect our life adversely,and will probably affect our relationships.

For example,I might say that I want to be more active,and maybe I have aspirations of being fit and sporty.However,if I don’t take positive steps to begin the process of achieving this,then maybe I am not quite as serious about it as I say.Staying with the metaphor of becoming active leading to core fitness,it’s one things to start off with good intentions with a regime of exercise on a regular basis,it’s totally another to maintain that even when you might feel depressed about the battle that you have undertaken.So like building an active lifestyle,attitudes and thoughts that we have had a lifetime to become entrenched in can take a long time to change.For example,the temptation that we might have,and I have suffered from this rather self righteous approach too of assigning to others a dis positional flaw in the characters of others that we don’t like.So,I witness that someone might be struggling to get a job and I immediately imply that they are failing because of them,that there are no others factors,just them.Well,would I like that to be assigned to me if I was struggling to find employment?Why absolutely no,I would like to think that there were other factors at play too in my struggling to find a job,and not just that I was lazy,or indolent.

That is just one example of how we can all pre-judge a person when ,at heart we might truly wish to alter our thoughts deep down.I write this because,I feel that we are not born with compassion or empathy,and we are not born with a self righteous attitude either.So then,it’s possible to change,it’s possible to be a better human,but just like my attempts to achieve physical fitness,it’s not going to be easy,and we are going to have ups and downs along the way.However,who would honestly say that they wouldn’t like to be more active?Who can honestly say that they wouldn’t love to have better relations with their fellowman?We all would,that’s obvious,isn’t it.

So,as I reflect on the two questions from my post today,I would say that it’s possible to change our opinions it really is,however,it’s not easy.We all have ingrained concepts in our head,some of which date back to childhood,and as a conclusion to this post ,I want to mention something that I feel has helped me change my opinion of a matter very dear to my heart.

Last year,one of my pupils ,and over 35 years of teaching,I have taught literally thousands,wanted to apply to a local private school to pursue his education at sixth form.As his music teacher,I was asked to prepare him for his competitive audition to gain entry to the school.Well, a lifetime of socialist beliefs brokered among working class men doesn’t really allow for too much compromise when it comes to education.However,I agreed to help him.We must have prepared well,because on the day of his audition,he played his Trumpet extremely well,and his piano,and was subsequently,offered a place.

As he was to move on during this academic year,I haven’t been involved in his education at all.However,last night,I was helming his Younger brother prepare for a music exam and I saw his elder brother.Honestly,I was so very impressed with his progress,and his confidence that I had to admit that one year at this school had allowed him to achieve so much more than could have been done at his comprehensive one.So I have had to re-evaluate ,and yes,change my opinion as I can’t deny the tangible progress that has been made here.

Although this is one small example and hardly empirical evidence,it does,nonetheless,highlight the need to reflect on opinions from time to time,and bake ready to change them when it’s obvious that we might have pre-judged a matter.In my case with this issue,I had.

So,do we have to be so rigid in our thoughts.?Well succinctly,no,we don’t .However,there will always be factors that affect the way we think about different things.Life ,people,things,places,emotions,loves,they are all teachers if we let them,if we let the thoughts percolate in our minds.

Thank you for your attention to my post for today.

For the love of Friday!

At the end of the working week maybe it’s a treat you seek,

At the end of the working week,it wouldn’t be complete not to meet and greet.

For those who toil and graft do so with the knowledge that there is respite from their labours,

That is a good thing,that is a pleasing thing,a happy pause at the end of much industry and stress.

So whatever you are doing on this bank holiday weekend,let’s hope it’s brings you joy from all your toil,

Let’s hope it reunites you with something that pleases you,energises you,make you whole again.

So,enjoy your day,for it only stays so long,enjoy it while you can,you do that ,you do that,you do that.

One act of compassion can touch a whole society!

When we do what we can,with what we have,in the pursuit of something that doesn’t benefit us,then that is noble,

Like the story of the Good Samaritan,something that is untarnished,pure,without stain,enters into us.

That man or woman living today who will become a Good Samaritan is a powerful image in my head,

The person who does a selfless thing without thought of reward that is a powerful thing indeed.

You see,in the story,a man was going down from Jerusalem to Jericho,a distance now of about 13 miles,not uncommon thousands of years ago in that land.He was to be set upon by robbers,who,as the account says,beat so badly that he was left half dead.

Now the road wasn’t deserted,and it wasn’t long before he was to be viewed by two other people,but no ordinary people you could say.No,the two people that saw him were both high ranking religious people of the day,they were a priest,and a copier of religious texts,or scribe.They would have been busy no doubt with their work ,their daily duties,but they were the keepers of all things religious as it were.They professed to commune with the most high.Yet,they saw this man lying half dead on the road,and walked on,they did nothing.

Now,this story does have a happy ending,and you,dear reader,probably know it.Yes,along the road came a man ,a Samaritan man-called thus because he was from a different religious order,and one looked down upon by the religious leaders of the day as one not worthy of having any insight into Relgious affairs-however this man ,this Samaritan man ,upon seeing the dead man he felt pity ,he felt compassion,and he did something.He got this half dead man ,lifted him up unto his ass,and took him to an inn ,but before he did that ,he dressed the man wounds used his means ,and made sure that he was in a state to travel.Now this Samaritan man was just like you and me,a human,hem gut not have known the so called special divine knowledge of the scribe or the priest,but he saw the plight of his fellow human being and acted.

So today,we don’t need special knowledge really to come to the aid of a fellow human who might be in a bad way,but we do need to be willing to show compassion,pity and love.

Who of us have not been touched by the story of the Good Samaritan,who of us ,who of us.

Let’s do our best to live the story if the need ever arises.

Thank you.

Listen to the language of sound!

Language is definitive in its nature,it’s attempts to explain,sometimes by its own exact nature,

These letters that form the words growing into sentences,paragraphs,and then prose.

My respect for language is great,there is no debate for me,

So why did I chose the language of sound?

Honestly,I think it chose me,it drew me to its vibration,it’s membrane appeared strong,but always open to me,

That opening ,that port of entry has always been my preferred language so that when words are spoken,I always hear their response,their modulation so,their pauses,their pitch pace and power,in truth I always hear their music.

From a child,I have always been t home in sound,it has been my safe place,and I hear these pants of reference throughout life,

Sounds give me comfort,grace,they help me to express my emotions,my profound sense of who I am.

Without these sounds in my head,without these reference points,I am half a person,I am impotent in my destiny,I have non,

All the people in my life are really defined to me by the sound of their voice ,their timbre,their tensile strength is in their expressions.

There is,to me,simply a beauty in sound that I have always loved and treasured,

I still remembered the voice of a nurse who looked after me as a child of 5 ,it ring still in my mind.

These voices accompanied me through childhood,so that when I felt in danger,I recounted their sounds ,their nuance,their essence,

My favourite voices are like those displayed on a mantle piece in the front room of a working class home,they are there as special emblems of my life ,to say that I lived.

Along with favourite voices go my sounds of the environment that alert me to stay safe,to survive,to thrive,

I reckon that we all have those sounds in a way,we all have that language to keep us connected with the world,and the world with us.

So today,as the day unfolds for you,as you go about your life,I hope that you have just a minute to reflect on the sounds in your life,the people who sound special,the stuff of life that vibrates to the core of your soul

Thank you.


We open our eyes!

We open our eyes to see the surprises,the things that life can bring us,

We open our eyes to allow good light into our day,good thoughts and feelings.

We open our eyes,we open our eyes,we open our eyes.

If only for one moment,we capture the first of life’s jewels,the first breathe,the first drink,the first sounds as these are all wonderful things,

We gather ourselves together to check our day,we check our family,our pets,ourselves.

When we opened our eyes,a miracle happened,that allowance that we might affect something today,we might give something to our fellow human,we might just change their outlook,

For in us all we have a little power,a little iniative,a little get up and go.

So open your eyes,open your eyes to the opportunity of another day,another chance ,another dance through the corridors of activity,yes,open your eyes,open your eyes,open your Eyes!