This bright day!

This bright day has a look about it,

It has a freshness to it,a hue,and an aroma of LIFE.

As I observe the Cherry tree in the front garden it speaks to me,

It is organic,living breathing,basking in its colour,it’s jest,it’s joy.

When tempted to diffuse my excitement,I realise that not all days are like this,

It’s true that some are tough,tough,tough,but just sometimes,they are wonderful.

When they are like this,I want to express it,I’m not afraid too,I have that freedom,

For hardly anyone really likes a prophet of doom,hardly anyone,accept maybe another .!

So,as this life seaps through this day,I want to capture it,I want to bottle it,yes,that’s what I want.
Thank you for indulging my muse ,my happy pause,my emotional observation.


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