The silence in between the sounds !

When you hear the silence in between the sounds,then a whole new world can one up,a word of different perspectives.

That person who telle you much,but never really tells you anything,that person who has to obsess,but never wants to share.That person who is always busy,even when strictly they don’t need to be.

OF course,all those people could well be me,or some of those things could be me,and some f them could be you.

If hearing music is like a clever card trick ,with the composer dazzling us wth their little sight of sounds,ther harmonic nuances,it’s not surprising that it’s probably the most subjective of art forms,and the one where polemics abound.Why,after a while in any introduction,the topic of music is normally woven not the fabric either implicitly or explicitly,we can’t help it.This process of experiencing music is the subjective musical Esperanto that glues us together.

One of us when we listen to a ice that is off YouTube doesn’t check the number of views on the bottom corner.We are united in isolated exposure to music online,and while it amazes me on the one hand,that very isolating threatens its continuation as a living breathing art form,IMHO.You see,when we listen in a concert hall,smethng wonderful happens,that shared humanity,in that moment is the thing that gets you,it seals an imprint on our insides as it were.Yes,we all know that it’s an effort to go out,it’s more expensive ya da ya da,,,,BUT,IT IS TRULY REAL,it has a heart beat,it has a pulse,it is Life,and should be celibrated.

As a Yung man,I remember hearing the Berln Philharminic under Karajan,I remember watching him come onto the stage to conduct Beethoven’s 5,I remembered the baton was like a sword in his handlI remember the silence of anticipation at the festival hall before the baton went up then down ……That interplay between sound and silence is everything that musical sight of hand,that playing tricks,that joy,that absolute jest to express,and all from the mind of a man who ,by that time,was surely almost completely deaf.

Now,I make no pretentious as to theirs perseptions of music,as that is their right in a democratic country,but I believe in the power of live musical episode it in the concert hall,on the street,in your living room,I just believe in it.

So,next time you get a chance to hear live music with someone else,take advantage of it,enjoy it,soak it up,live it wth them savour it with them.
   Thank you .


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