Never,never,never give up!

While it’s true that if you have a born talent for the expressive arts,you have one foot into the profession as it were,much more than just talent is involved.

To get to any level you have to be willing to work,and that means often a seven day attention to whatever project you are engaged in.Now,that isn’t ,to me at least,a burden,as might be assumed ,because to have any role in the expressive arts has never been a chore to me,and certainly never been a bore.So,the fact that you can do what you love to do with your life is such a privilege and I pinch myself sometimes when I think about it.

However,the daily grind of practise is a very real and vital part of the development of any musician and artist,if you don’t see yourself doing that,then it might be time to do somethng else with your life.However,if you truly are an artist,then you won’t quit,yes,you might have to do other jobs,but they will never take the place of your pursuit of your art,it’s just you are hard wired.

There will be tough times Lang the way,but if you really want to be an artist,then you have my admiration to start wth,because we need more artists.

Artists look at things in a different way,and they have dimensions to them that we might have is my hope that more young people will join this field,but,I fear that many will be put off by the insecurity of the profession.


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