It’s that Rain again,it’s that Rain again,

Sending us to cover,we ask why it’s so wet,

We run for cover,snuggle up with a book or Duvet,

But the Rain doesn’t truly dictate what we do,but we think it does,

Our mind plays tricks on us,we don’t like it always when it rains ,we just don’t.

Many a time it would rain when I was a youth in Cornwall,and it would rain for days on end,

I’ve witnessed many a tourist bemoan the sea mist and Rain as it did it’s stuff all over their holiday parade.

It’s funny,that shelter becomes so important in the rain,like a security blanket,

My security blanket when it rained was often a cave,and I would nestle inside instil it subsided all the time watching the tide .

So,it’s raining here in Dorset today,and doesn’t seem to want to go away,but I know it will,I know it will.

It’s raining today,it’s raining today,but in our heads it could be oh so bright if we try to think of just a little light entering into our consciousness.

Let’s give it a try,let’s do,let’s do.


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